• BETOX Serum is a botulinum toxin-like product designed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience.
  • BOTOX Effect
  • Alternative to injections
  • BeTOX EYE LIFT Serum relaxes muscle contraction, smoother & more relaxed appearance
  • Natural protein
  • The first ingredient that shows pre- and post effect
  • Visibly smoother looking skin and reduces muscle contraction in 10 min 
  • A safe, real beauty filter
  • Deep hydration 
  • Confirmed in studies
  • Highly effective at returning youthfulness to your skin.



Many women want to look younger, but without chemical products or surgery. BeTOX EYE LIFT Serum offers you everything in one product, a natural peptide that has the same molecular structure as Botox, but with much more security  

Developed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience.

It is the first cosmetic active ingredient that works within 10 minutes.
Visibly smoother and sustainably rejuvenated in just 10 minutes. BETOX Serum works immediately with proven effectiveness.

The effect of the award-winning active ingredients has been confirmed in studies

This happens because in this highly effective BeTOX EYE LIFT serum there is an active ingredient which is stimulating muscle contraction.

BeTOX EYE LIFT serum relaxes muscle contraction and is a safe and natural alternative

BeTOX EYE LIFT Serum reduces wrinkles by 64% within a month, in addition to this action comes a 120 hr. deep moisturizing of the skin

 Relax the expression lines and wrinkles around your mouth, nose, eyes, forehead and brow


Application: Massage onto forehead and eye area every morning after cleansing for best results 

Recommendation:Use daily for the best result and to reduce wrinkles up to 64% after 1 month.


  • BIO active ingredient

  • Natural protein


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